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How It Works

Step 1

In the box above, enter your zip code, delivery address and delivery time. Then click Go!

Step 2

Pick a restaurant from the list and load up your shopping cart.

Step 3

Check out, and relax while your order is brought to you!

What People Are Saying

I think your site is awesome.

2 hours ago

Food was awesome and the site was super easy to use. We will definitely use Charleston 2 Go again!

6 days ago

Very user friendly, I really like the updates!

7 days ago

Your site is awesome!!! I can’t believe we have something this cool here in Charleston!

10 days ago

Quick as always, great service.

11 days ago

The site is awesome!

12 days ago

Love this site! Its way too easy to order food from our great local restaurants and have it delivered! So awesome!

17 days ago

You have no idea how much we appreciate your food and your service!

19 days ago

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